Soyers Lake

Documents that you may wish to print:
The CHA (Coalition of Halibutron Property Owners Associations), U-Links and Trent University have developed the following informational posters for use in homes/cottages where renters, owners or visitors may not understand septic systems etc.. These posters are designed to printed on 8 1/2 X 11 paper, laminated and then hung prominently in the appropriate area.
The posters are for the: Bathroom, Laundry, Kitchen and Garbage

The Map of Soyers Lake showing the marker buoys is available.

The Lake Etiquette document was provided in the Summer 2006 Newsletter. It is a great way to let friends, family and renters know your lake address and telephone numbers for emergency situations. You may view the document and print it so that it is near your telephone.

The Membership Renewal Form is included with the Spring Newsletter. If you have misplaced it you can reprint the document and include it with your dues payment.